Insiders: iOS 18 will allow you to customize the location of application icons on the home screen

While app icons will likely remain stuck to an invisible grid on the home screen to provide some uniformity, MacRumors reports that according to their sources, users will be able to arrange icons more freely in iOS 18. For example, we expect the update to introduce the ability to create white spaces , rows and columns between application icons.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman was the first to report that the iPhone will get a “more customizable” home screen starting with iOS 18. You can already customize the screen and create blank app icons with apps like Shortcuts and Widgetsmith, but Apple’s own personalization options will be more comfortable and formal.

Apple unveiled iOS 18 at its annual WWDC developer conference in June. Other features and changes being talked about include new generative AI capabilities for Siri and several apps, RCS support in the Messages app to improve messaging between iPhone and Android, design changes, and more.