Indika about a Russian nun on the run will be released on May 8

Indika, a third-person adventure game in which you play as a nun on the run in a parallel 19th century Russia, has received a release date.

The new trailer begins in the twisted Garden of Eden, where a nun is tempted by the forbidden fruit while her companion Ilya looks on. After one bite of the apple, we’re plunged into chaos with dancing demons and a release date of May 8th.

All this may seem surreal, but in fact it is an example of narrative dissonance that the developers deliberately reinforce in gameplay. While the overall setting and physics-based puzzles that must be solved to progress are rooted in realism, the world is enhanced by gameplay elements such as pixelated pop-ups as you gain experience by completing quests or finding religious collectibles, accompanied small chiptune tunes.

This is largely done with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the theme, and a prime example of this is the leveling system where you have to “evolve” your nun protagonist every time you reach a new level of experience. Should you increase Guilt for an instant score boost, or veer further towards Remorse for a chance to earn more points over time?

Then you have to deal with the devil himself, who sits in her head and regularly scolds her as she tries to make difficult choices between good and evil. When his interference becomes too much, you’ll need to pray to drive him away, and this opens up new puzzle opportunities as you move between the devil’s realm and your own.

Indika will release on May 8th on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Demo is already available .