How to upgrade equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you want to upgrade your gear in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll need gold and some specific materials obtained from looting treasure chests and defeating enemies. You can upgrade both weapons and armor, so you have options whether you want to deal more damage or make your character more durable – handy if you’re having trouble with specific monsters like the Cyclops.

Of course, if you’re struggling, changing careers may be helpful, or finding a different group combination may give you the edge you need. However, if you’re determined to squeeze the full potential out of your gear, here’s where to upgrade it in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to improve equipment

You can improve your equipment in any place where there is a forge, so look for gunsmiths and blacksmiths. You can access the upgrade menu by talking to one of these NPCs, and it will show which stats will increase, as well as the cost of the upgrade.

The first upgrade to a piece of equipment only requires gold, while subsequent upgrades additionally require materials and a relatively small amount of gold. Just keep in mind that both the rarity of the materials needed and the amount of gold needed will increase as the base equipment is upgraded.

For example, to fully upgrade my Ribbed Bow, the following materials are required:

  • First upgrade: 40 gold.
  • Second upgrade: Two rabbit skins, 97 gold.
  • Third upgrade: Two harpy wings, one copper ore, 243 gold.

Another thing to pay attention to is the region in which you are performing the upgrade. There are different styles of blacksmithing that focus on specific characteristics. Vermundian, for example, has a fairly balanced stat distribution, while Battalian leans towards strength – so you won’t want to level up your mage’s staff in Battalian, as this style of smithing doesn’t increase your magic stat.

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