How to Play Last Epoch Offline

Offline mode in Last Epoch is a great option if you’re tired of problems with the game’s servers. However, it does introduce some additional complications depending on how you want to play.

In particular, going offline is an irreversible decision that is made during character creation. You cannot switch online/offline for a hero – an offline character remains offline forever. This means you can never use it to play in groups with others.

To activate offline mode, there are two options.

Firstly, you can start the game offline. This option is available when you click “Play” on Steam. Then you can skip the entrance at the beginning, but switching modes without restarting the game will not be available.

The second option is a little more convenient, but requires an Internet connection the first time you start it. On the character selection screen, there is a mode switch in the upper left corner. Just move it to the “offline” position and you will see a list of offline heroes. If you enable offline mode this way, you can use the in-game chat to communicate with friends, as long as you maintain an Internet connection.