Do you have a PlayStation 5 DualSense that is acting up and you want to calibrate it to limit some problems such as drift? Here are some useful tips on how to configure the device on various platforms.

Before starting, an important premise must be made. The PlayStation 5 operating system does not include any type of functionality through which to proceed with a real calibration of the latest generation controller, but there are some games that implement an option of this type. The only controller that allows calibration on the Sony console is the DualSense Edge , whose numerous options also include those relating to the sensitivity and dead zone of the sticks.

If, however, you are playing on PC with a DualSense, you can easily perform the calibration via Steam , which integrates a special screen that allows you to calibrate the analog sticks and buttons. Simply connect the controller to your PC via Bluetooth or a USB Type-C cable, open Steam and go to the settings screen: here you need to select the Controller item and, on the right side of the screen, click on Open next to the Calibration option and advanced settings . Obviously the changes will only be valid on PC and not on consoles.

However, the fact that stick calibration is not possible on PlayStation 5 does not mean that the controller cannot be configured in any way. In this regard, you can change various aspects of the device via the settings menu of the Sony console. After reaching this menu by clicking on the gear icon, select Accessories and then visit the Controller (general) tab to view the list of options related to the DualSense.

Here are the options that can be changed on this screen:

  • Vibration intensity
  • Trigger effect intensity
  • Brightness of the controller lights
  • communication method
  • Long press delay
  • DualSense wireless controller device software
  • Speaker controller