Horizon Forbidden West is at an all-time low price on Amazon Italy

Today’s Amazon offers offer us a discount for a copy of Horizon Forbidden West: let’s see the details on the game for PlayStation and the promotion.

Like every day, Amazon Italia offers various interesting products and now it’s time for Horizon Forbidden West in the PS4 version (compatible with PS5 with free upgrade). The current offer guarantees a discount of 21%, when calculated in relation to the official median price. You can see all the details by reaching the product page at this address or via the box below. https://aff.netaddiction.it/productbox/5562/?template=1 For completeness, we indicate that the median price according to Amazon is €37.99. Shipping is handled by Amazon and the current price is the lowest ever for the platform.

Horizon Forbidden West, back to fighting

Aloy will also have new armor on her side, obviously
Aloy will also have new armor on her side, obviously

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. We are talking about an open-map action game that puts us in the shoes of Aloy, a young warrior who holds the fate of the entire world on her shoulders. In this sequel we can explore the “Forbidden West”, a place where we meet new tribes and new machines.

Aloy has new weapons and a gliding tool, so she can cover greater distances easily and be able to launch herself from above without having to find a way down on foot. The game has been expanded with a DLC (The Burning Shores) which however is not available in this edition.