Helldivers 2 weapons have about 50 hidden characteristics – so just take the guns you like the most

In addition to the strategic component, Helldivers 2 has the opportunity for classic min-maxing of builds, and an unplowed field for theoretical analysis of weapons. However, a new statement from Arrowhead CEO Johan Pylested calls into question the relevance of this kind of research.

As a rule, players’ attention is focused on 4 weapon characteristics displayed in the game: damage, magazine capacity, recoil and rate of fire. Including on their basis, a list of meta-weapons, recommendations for builds and various comparative tables are formed. However, according to Pilestead, “each weapon can have about 50 characteristics in total. The numbers are just guidelines and do not give the full picture.”

Hence his practical advice:

Choose what you like most.

In other words, some more advanced players have already noted that the real damage of a weapon does not always coincide with the visible indicators. However, a statement directly from the developers calls into question the need for an overemphasis on stats at the expense of personal preference. This stance is likely intended to ease the pressure of the meta and the toxic attitude towards those who choose “uncompetitive” builds.

In any case, it is obvious that there are many more nuances hidden behind the visible interface, so it is worth relying primarily on your personal feel of the weapon.

Optimization is important, but without fun, the main thing is lost – experiments, discoveries, the shock of realizing that the preferred style is not always the most effective. This means that you should choose exactly what you like, despite any “objective” characteristics.