Helldivers 2, the problem of hosts kicking out teammates at the end of the match will be solved

Helldivers 2 has gotten worse for fans since launch and now Arrowhead Game Studios is promising new things

Arrowhead Game Studios has ensured that the issue of hosts kicking out teammates before the end of the match in Helldivers 2 will be resolved.

Arrowhead Game Studios has assured that the problem of hosts kicking out teammates before the end of the match in Helldivers 2 will be resolved, although without providing precise timing.

This is clearly a phenomenon linked to the toxic behavior of part of the Helldivers 2 community , with hosts expelling players just before they can receive rewards for the game that has now ended.

“We’re working on a solution to mitigate the issue of getting, uh, kicked out by an asshole lobby leader,” wrote the Arrowhead Game Studios community manager in response to those asking for clarification on the matter. “There’s no exact timetable yet, but the update is on the way .”

Among the most popular hypotheses are those that focus on a Deep Rock Galactic approach, in which if a user is expelled just before the end of the game he still receives a part of the rewards he would have been entitled to.

Unavoidable situations?

Considering the great success achieved so far by Helldivers 2, which apparently sold 8 million copies , unfortunately situations like the one described are inevitable and it is not easy for developers to find solutions that are truly effective.

In this case, the assignment of part of the rewards in the event of early expulsion would go some way to limiting the damage caused by toxic behavior , although without completely compensating for it.

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