Helldivers 2: the players are the bad guys, Arrowhead confirms it as if it were necessary

Helldivers 2's review bombing cape is ready Arrowhead is waiting for the right time to release it

Helldivers 2: the players are the bad guys Arrowhead confirms it as if it were necessary

Arrowhead Game Studio has confirmed that Helldivers 2 players are the bad guys in the situation: was it really necessary for this to be clarified?

We’re a little surprised that it even needs saying, but you do know that you’re the bad guys in Helldivers 2 ? Yes? If you didn’t know or still didn’t want to believe it, now the official confirmation comes from Arrowhead Game Studio’s chief creative officer and ex-CEO Johan Pilestedt.

First of all, Pilestedt made a comparison to Star Wars and Stormtroopers , stating that Helldivers players are like soldiers of the Galactic Empire and states that it’s as if every game they are defending the Death Star. The statement came at a developer conference in Sweden.

Obviously we know that many understand the satirical side of Helldivers 2, inspired by the film Starship Troopers. However, some needed to think about it to understand it, as demonstrated for example by a post on Reddit from a few months ago in which a player – who was analyzing the lore – genuinely wondered if we were the bad guys in the situation.

Helldivers 2: the players are the bad guys Arrowhead confirms it as if it were necessary

Are We The Bad Guys?
byu/njbtheman54 inHelldivers

As you can see above, the user had asked : “I love this game and have learned more about the history of Super Earth. And I have a question. Are… are we the bad guys? Why are we killing the Terminids? What are they like? cyborgs/automaton born? Why did we start fighting the Illuminati? Are we the bad guys?

To date, however, Arrowhead Game Studio had never officially responded to the question . Now we have official confirmation, for anyone who wants for some reason to believe that a galactic dictatorial regime indoctrinating its soldiers is the good thing.

The latest news on Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: the players are the bad guys Arrowhead confirms it as if it were necessary
Super Earth is not your friend, you know that right?

Pilestedt didn’t just talk about who is bad obviously. The CCO also revealed the numbers behind Helldivers 2 , indicating that the co-op shooter beat forecasts by 5x, the team tripled and the development time doubled .

This growth is added to the recent appointment of the new CEO and the fact that the team does not want to be acquired and aims to become the new Blizzard or FromSoftware .

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