Helldivers 2: The CEO wants to make it last forever by creating an AI to replace the GM

Helldivers 2 needs to last forever and the CEO believes the team could create an AI to replace the GM when he can no longer take care of the game.

Helldivers 2: The CEO wants to make it last forever by creating an AI to replace the GM

Helldivers 2 is experiencing ups and downs in this period but the development team at Arrowhead Studios is ready to continue with the support of the shooter over the months and years. Obviously you can’t expect the game to be expanded forever: at some point it will be put aside and, perhaps, the servers will be shut down. If it were up to CEO Johan Pilestedt, however, Helldivers 2 would remain active forever and the team could also create an AI to act as Game Master in Joel’s place ( you know Joel, right? ).

More precisely, the CEO of Arrowhead Studios was asked if players who have already bought the game in those countries where it was blocked due to lack of PSN support will lose access to the video game. Pilestedt replied that ” if you bought the game, you can play it forever .”

Obviously “forever” is a very long period of time, and players asked if that simply meant they could play until the servers are shut down .

The future of Helldivers 2

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Admitting that this is not entirely within his control, Pilestedt said that Helldivers 2 will remain online “forever, if I have the choice.” He also has a plan to achieve this goal, even if Arrowhead is forced to “stop” development of the game to move on to a new project in the future: ” We would build an automated version of the Game Master and other features .”

Currently, galactic GM Joel is the one pulling the strings of the various conflicts in Helldivers 2. Clearly Joel is not immortal and will not be able to lead Helldivers 2 forever. However, his role is crucial to making the shooter what it is, so simply removing him doesn’t seem like the solution. An automated version of the actions Joel normally performs may not be the perfect choice, but it may be the most manageable in the (hopefully) distant future.

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