Helldivers 2: Players fail Major Order, but believe NPCs are on the way

Helldivers 2 players sadly failed the Major Order but not all is bad: a new teaser has fans believing that NPCs are coming to the game.

Helldivers 2 players failed the last Major Order and therefore did not unlock the new Stratagem. The goal was to eliminate two billion Automatons in five days, and players only reached 78% of that goal. The reward would be the introduction of anti-tank mines. Obviously these will still arrive over time, but this failure actually laid the foundation for future content .

In fact, it seems that Game Master Joel – that is, the unidentified developer who manages the meta-narrative of Helldivers 2 and continually inserts small changes to balance the galactic war between players and enemy insects/robots – has something interesting in store for us.

It is stated that everything that has happened up to this point was nothing more than an elaborate special operation and that The Second Galactic War is now truly about to begin .

Will NPCs be coming to Helldivers 2?

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An even more interesting part is the following sentence, which we offer you in translation: ” New recruits are trained to strengthen the ranks of the SEAF, and the Helldivers are tasked with guarding these training facilities so that each recruit can receive the rigorous 72 hour basic training”.

Aside from the fact that there is a comedic/satirical side to the “72 hours of training” needed to become a soldier, this phrase has led the community to believe that teams of NPCs are on the way who will fight alongside gamers . Perhaps it could be a new stratagem, which allows you to call in extra troops controlled by the game that would support Helldivers 2 players until they are decimated by enemies.

For now it’s just speculation , mind you, but normally the developers of Helldivers 2 hint at upcoming news with these types of statements, so it’s not impossible that the community has guessed. Finally, it also seems that a third enemy faction known to fans of the first game is on the way .