Helldivers 2: Players are using a glitch to get Super Credits and the team knows it

Some Helldivers 2 players are exploiting a glitch that allows them to illegitimately obtain Super Credits: the team confirms that they know about it.

Some Helldivers 2 players are exploiting a glitch to earn Super Credits , and developer Arrowhead said they are “aware” of this “behavior.”

In recent days, a Helldivers 2 player turned to the game’s official Discord channel to report to Arrowhead what is happening. The player directly tagged an Arrowhead community manager, trying to warn him about the fact that “there are tutorials circulating on YouTube that explain how to accumulate Super Credits for free using a glitch in the game”.

“This issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible because it is an illegitimate method and, in the long run, damages not only the seriousness of the players but also the development team,” the Discord user added in his message to the community manager. “I hope you take my message seriously.”

Arrowhead’s reaction


Arrowhead said: “Hi! We are aware of this undemocratic behavior . Thanks for doing your duty as a juror and reporting it, by the way. Hooah!” an Arrowhead community manager responded shortly after the original message was posted in the Discord channel.

So now we know that Arrowhead is working to fix this exploit

However, when it will be corrected is still unknown. Speaking of fixes, fans would accept less content in exchange for more patches, but “it’s not that simple” .