Helldivers 2: Arrowhead isn’t experiencing any pressure from Sony, says CEO

Helldivers 2 is under pressure, of course, but it’s not Sony pushing to prioritize certain types of content. Let’s see what the CEO of Arrowhead had to say.

Helldivers 2 is a successful game and in these first months after its release it is always at the top of the best-selling charts. Certainly the team – Arrowhead – is under great pressure and the public fears that Sony – the publisher – is pushing for certain content to be created in a certain amount of time.

Arrowhead CEO Pilestedt, however, explains that this is not the case. He says PlayStation has only one expectation: “create great games for gamers.” The CEO indicates that Sony trusts the team and is not forcing it in any way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t pressure on the team – as mentioned, they created a successful game and now they have to keep it successful, but that’s how this market works.

Where does the discussion come from?


All the talk about the ” pressure ” Arrowhead is under has been around the team having to find a balance between continuing to add new content and making fixes for existing issues.

The team can’t simply avoid creating new content for some time so they can fully dedicate themselves to fixing patches , because they want to make sure Helldivers 2 remains relevant on the gaming scene. In this sense, Sony is not forcing the team to create new content instead of fixing problems.