GTA 6 may be delayed until 2026 due to development backlog

According to Kotaku, the release of GTA 6 may be delayed to 2026.

Just days after a report surfaced in which several Rockstar developers expressed concern about the company’s return to office requirement and its potential impact on the sequel’s development, Kotaku is reporting that the process is behind schedule and could cause a significant delay.

According to the report, the current internal plan still calls for an “early 2025” release for GTA 6, but it is becoming “more and more likely” that the delay will push the release to late 2025 or even 2026.

It’s not entirely clear from the report why production is “behind schedule,” but it’s enough to make Rockstar have concerns about meeting its spring 2025 target. A fall 2025 release date is said to be now “more plausible and feasible.” Additionally, this production delay is reportedly the main reason why Rockstar is requiring its employees to return to work in the office during the final stages of GTA 6’s development.

It’s worth noting that, according to rumors and according to Kotaku, Rockstar is known for waiting “until the last minute” to make changes or adjust plans, and then taking time to coordinate with the PR and communications teams regarding the announcement and timing. So even if we get a new trailer soon confirming the announced 2025 release window, there’s no guarantee that GTA 6 won’t be pushed back even further.

Meanwhile, Rockstar developers, who typically don’t make decisions about changing release dates, worry that a mandatory return to the office will force employees who can’t or won’t give up remote work to simply quit and create even more obstacles along the way.