Early graphical comparison between the original Until Dawn and the remake

A few days ago, Sony announced a remake of the horror film Until Dawn for PS5 and PC. True, some gamers are not sure that this can be called a remake – closer to a remaster. Now a video has appeared on the YouTube channel Cycu1 with an early graphical comparison of the original version of the game and the upcoming “remake”. So we can better understand whether it is a remake or a remaster.

The updated Until Dawn will run on the Unreal Engine 5. The game will feature a new lighting system with support for ray tracing. According to the developers, ray tracing will improve character shadows. Players will also be able to use a third-person camera, which is a nice surprise. You can expect contextual animation of character movements.

As you can see, the new re-release really looks better than the original. One of the main differences is the realistic hair of the characters and great detail in everything. Improved textures are also noticeable in some areas. Of course, the lighting has received a new generation upgrade.

Moreover, the scenes in the remake are completely identical to the original. So, it really turns out to be something between a remake and a remaster. The quality and level of processing are higher than a simple visual upgrade, but for a remake everything is too identical. But this is understandable – the difference between the original game and the remake is “only” 9 years – Until Dawn was released in 2015.

The release of the new version of Until Dawn will take place this year 2024, but the exact date is still unknown