Ghost of Tsushima: PC cross-play launches in beta, Steam Deck supported

Ghost of Tsushima: PC cross-play launches in beta, Steam Deck supported

The cross-play Legends cooperative mode will launch in beta in the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima, which will support Steam Deck albeit unofficially.

The Ghost of Tsushima cooperative cross-play feature will be available in beta at launch on PC: it will allow you to play Legends mode together with PS4 and PS5 users, but for now only by invitation.

This was announced by Nixxes, the development team responsible for carrying out the PC conversion of the Sucker Punch title, which inevitably ended up at the center of discussions due to the obligation to have a PSN account, even if only for the multiplayer component .

Precisely this aspect of the experience will therefore debut in non-definitive conditions, without a matchmaking system that automatically associates users regardless of the platform.

“As previously announced, the Legends cooperative multiplayer mode will include cross-play between players on PS4 consoles, PS5 consoles, and PC,” Nixxes’ post reads. “At launch, however, Legends will work on PC but will not automatically match players across platforms.”

“Cross-play will launch in beta, meaning you can try it out by inviting your PlayStation Network friends . We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to make changes in the weeks following launch!”

Steam Deck supported but not verified

The evocative panoramas of Ghost of Tsushima
The evocative panoramas of Ghost of Tsushima

Furthermore, as mentioned in the title of the news, the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima will be optimized for Steam Deck although without being officially verified for the handheld produced by Valve due to the issue related to the use of PSN accounts.

“We know many of you are eager to play Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on portable gaming devices like Steam Deck,” Nixxes wrote. “Well, we are happy to announce that single player, including the Iki Island expansion, can be enjoyed on Steam Deck and similar portable PCs, as we have worked extensively to optimize performance and deliver the best possible experience on these devices. “

“You may notice that Steam lists the game as ‘unsupported’ for Steam Deck . This, however, is only due to the Legends co-op multiplayer mode requiring Windows to access the built-in PlayStation Network features.”