Ghost of Tsushima on PC has been discontinued in more than 100 countries

Ghost of Tsushima on PC has been discontinued in more than 100 countries

Ghost of Tsushima has been available for pre-order for a while now, and it’s finally coming to PC on May 16th. However, it looks like many PC gamers won’t be able to play it. In a shocking move, Sony pulled the game from sale in over 100 countries just days before its official release.

For those unaware, Ghost of Tsushima will use a PSN account for its multiplayer. However, you won’t need a PSN account for the single-player campaign. Therefore, everyone assumed that the single player mode would be available worldwide. However, instead of limiting online functionality in countries without PSN support, Sony decided to withdraw the game from sale.

The same thing happened with Helldivers 2. Despite the fact that the game does not currently require a PSN account, it has been removed from digital shelves in countries that do not officially support the PlayStation Network.

Here you can find all the countries where the game is no longer available. This information is directly from the Steam database. And yes, yesterday the game was available for pre-order in all these regions.

So right now you can’t buy Ghost of Tsushima in countries like Egypt, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Tunisia or Monaco.

It’s ironic that people in countries where the game is not currently available may turn to piracy just to play it. This is because Sony wants to inflate PSN’s numbers to please investors during its next earnings report.

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