From March 1, a ban on the popularization of VPNs comes into force in Russia

Representatives of Roskomnadzor recalled that from March 1, 2024, a ban on the popularization of VPN services comes into force in Russia. Since 2020, the use of tools to bypass blocking is prohibited.

A ban on popularization means a ban on advertising VPN services that do not restrict access to prohibited resources. In addition, resources and individual materials on which instructions on how to bypass blocking are available will be limited.

In accordance with the legislation in Russia, the use of means of bypassing blocking of access to illegal content has been prohibited since February 2020. VPN services are such tools if their use does not restrict access to prohibited resources.

As criteria for blocking information about bypassing blocking: the presence on the resource of information that allows you to gain access to already blocked sites or find out how this can be done, or that encourages and convinces of the attractiveness of using methods of accessing such resources and justifies their advantages.

On February 5, the head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, said that VPN services would be blocked in the Russian Federation from March 1 , but later she said that she was misunderstood.