Fortnite and Fallout meet in a crossover just announced by Epic Games

Epic Games has announced a crossover between Fortnite and the Fallout series, of which absolutely no details are known.

crossover between its battle royale Fortnite and Fallout , publishing a teaser image on X that clearly shows artwork linked to the series in the hands of Bethesda Softworks. The artwork shows a close-up of Power Armor, which will likely be introduced in the game.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to it, in the sense that the announcement post doesn’t include any specific details about the collaboration . The exit period is not even indicated. There’s no real accompanying text either, save for two emoticons that say little to nothing about what we can expect. One is the winking face. The other is that of the thumb pointing towards the other. We can consider it a kind of wink, but it is difficult to draw any indication from it. The hypothesis is that they are contents designed for Chapter 5 of Season 3, Wrecked, with a post-apocalyptic theme, but this is also just a hypothesis, at least supported by the commonality of the themes.

Many celebrated the announcement in the comments on the post, but no further information emerged . So for now we can only deduce that in the future we will see some Fallout skins in Fortnite, in the manner in which the other crossovers were managed.

From the success of the TV series?

Fortnite and Fallout meet in a crossover just announced by Epic Games
The Fallout TV series continues to make an impact

The news is particularly striking because it is very likely born from the success of the Prime Video TV series , which so far has had 80 million viewers and has greatly boosted the sales of the Fallout videogames, which are already very successful in any case.

Fortnite is always looking for new collaborations to give more content to its users, following in particular the trends of the moment. In short, the operation has a profound commercial sense and at this point we are curious to know what it will produce, even if it is quite impressive to see a series like Fallout used in this way.

One also wonders at what stage the development of the contents is. Epic Games may have brought out the announcement well in advance precisely to get in the wake of the TV series, even without having anything ready in hand yet. Or it could already be almost ready and we will know more soon. It’s difficult to say, given the lack of information. We’ll see.

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