If you are about to start your adventure in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth , it is very likely that you are undecided about which of the two game modes to choose: Active or Classic . Let’s find out what the advantages of each of the options available in the exclusive PlayStation 5 are.

Active Mode

The Active Mode of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the default one for the PlayStation 5 exclusive, as well as the one suggested by the developers. When playing with this combat-related option, the player must manually take care of both moving the character around the arena and executing standard attacks , all in real time. However, there is the possibility of slowing down time to have a few more moments and reflect on the next move: simply open the command menu so that the passage of time slows down , preventing you from ending up a victim of attacks from opponents on the pitch.

Classic Mode

By switching to Classic mode instead, the combat system of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is completely overturned and many dynamics are simplified , since a large part of the actions are automated . When playing with this option, in fact, the artificial intelligence takes care of the protagonist’s movements, the execution of standard attacks and defense actions. This does not imply that the player must limit himself to activating special moves, since at any time he can take control of the character and move/attack independently. To return to car mode, all you have to do is stop moving the hero, so that everything goes back to how it was before.

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