Fallout: The Amazon Series Surprisingly Starts Even Earlier

Fallout: The Amazon Series Surprisingly Starts Even Earlier

Fallout: The Amazon Series Surprisingly Starts Even Earlier ,Fallout fans can look forward to the second release postponement. Image source: Amazon

Have you planned a Fallout themed party for April 10th, 2024 to get you and your friends in the mood for the highly anticipated series on Amazon Prime, which starts on April 11th?

If so, you will probably have to revise your party planning again. Because the Fallout series starts surprisingly earlier – again. It starts a whole day earlier, but German fans only benefit to a limited extent.

Fallout: The Amazon Series Surprisingly Starts Even Earlier

Already The Second Shift Forward

We have upstairs yet again written and for good reason: A few weeks ago, while carefully reading a press release, we noticed that the release of the Fallout series had been brought forward from April 12th to April 11th.

Now the same game again, with a big one But for German fans: The new release date for the series is April 10th at 6 p.m – but here we are talking about Pacific Standard Time (PT).

Converted to our time zone in Germany, this means: For us it still doesn’t start until April 11th, but already at 3 a.m.

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So if you’re an early riser or simply a passionate Fallout fan who’s ready to move from bed to sofa at this time with your cozy blanket, you can watch the series a few hours earlier than previously thought.

Another Hint About Season 2?

Also a hot topic of conversation before season 1 airs: What will happen next with the Fallout series?

Of course, fans want the series to have a long future – provided the content is of high quality, of course. There is also an interesting statement about this in the video linked above on the occasion of the announcement of the new date.

Because Walton Goggins, the actor who plays the ghoul known from the trailers, speaks openly about that the first season appear earlier. An indication that behind the scenes it is already clear that season 2 is coming?

That would at least fit into the bigger picture, because there is already almost no doubt about Season 2 of Fallout.

However, season 2 is not official yet. But it doesn’t matter, because now we can stock up on a week’s supply of Nuka Cola, throw a few crispy RAD cockroaches on the grill and look forward to season 1.

By the way, remember: all episodes appear at once. So you don’t have to expect to be put to a nasty test of patience at the end of an episode. Are you looking forward to the Fallout series? Feel free to write it to us in the comments section!