Fallout 4: according to the design director the protagonist is a war criminal; then he recanted

According to the design director of Fallout 4, Nate, the protagonist would be a war criminal, information that was later retracted when the controversy broke out.

Fallout 4: according to the design director the protagonist is a war criminal, then he recanted

Emil Pagliarulo, the design director of Fallout 4 , shared a controversial piece of information online about Nate Q. Falloutfour, the game’s standard male protagonist : He’s a war criminal . According to what was said, he participated in the execution of Canadian partisans during the illegal occupation by the United States in 2070 and was one of the two soldiers seen in the introductory film of the first chapter, apparently not the one shooting (go to 0:50 to see it).

Pagliarulo shared this curiosity to participate in the renewed success of the Fallout series , made possible by the launch of the TV series on Prime Video. He simply wanted to make known a connection between Fallout 1 and Fallout 4 that few would have imagined, as he himself declared: “Given the great vibes of recent times and the millions of fantastic Fallout fans (I’m talking about you!), I feel like it’s It’s time to share an unknown connection between Fallout 1 and Fallout 4. Remember the opening cinematic of Fallout 1? The annexation of Canada.

Fans are fans

Fan ready to defend the honorability of Nate Q. Falloutfour
Fan ready to defend the honorability of Nate Q. Falloutfour

Since he was talking about the character of a fictional universe destroyed by a large-scale nuclear war and characterized by very strong tones, we imagine that Pagliarulo did not expect the response he received from the players, some of whom were literally shocked by the revelation and immediately raised the pitchforks and lit the torches. He just wanted to share a curiosity , but many didn’t take it well and began to offend him, so much so that he was somehow forced to retract with a subsequent post: “I wanted to share what I consider a nice curiosity about Fallout, but I didn’t understand how much it could be divisive. I should have… Not all of the Fallout information I shared is automatically part of canon.

The hope is that Pagliarulo does not suffer too many backlashes from what has been revealed, because after all we are talking about a detail linked to a character that can even be modified with the game editor. Furthermore, it is probably a link created internally, for use by the writers and designers of the series (so much so that it cannot be learned in any way by playing Fallout 4).