Exoprimal: Title Update 4 brings many new features; crossovers with Mega Man and new modes

Exoprimal is updated to Season 4 with a cross-over with Mega Man and many other new features, as we summarize in this news.

Capcom today launched an important update for Exoprimal , which adds new modes, suits, a special collaboration with Mega Man and much more, as we see in the details and presentation trailer published in these hours.

Exoprimal today presents Title Update 4 , a substantial update that renews the features of the dinosaur and science fiction shooter, also including a crossover with Mega Man and new game modes, with various elements presented in the trailer below.


This is a free expansion for owners of the game, at least as regards the basic structure, which expands the roster of playable Exo-armor variants and also introduces a diabolical boss battle.

Season 4 also features new limited-time events starting this weekend, with players able to earn bonuses with the Rabbit Campaign and Double EXP Campaign, as well as being able to battle the Neo Triceratops in an upcoming Savage Challenge trial.

A summary of what’s new

The Mega Man skin in action
The Mega Man skin in action

New content and events debuting in Exoprimal Season 4 include the following:

  • Custom Game , which allows you to set the rules freely, with custom lobbies and cross-platform matchmaking, choice of any mode, mission or stage, including story content and boss battles in 10-player co-op
  • Mega Man Collaboration: Exofighters can equip Capcom series-themed cosmetic sets, using Mega Man, Air Man, and Yellow Devil suit skins. There is also a special collaboration mission available starting Friday 19 April
  • Exo Armor and Tools : 6 new Beta variants are added to the armory, allowing for unique playstyles and abilities. The Incendiary Mortar also debuts today as the 10th Rig of the game and there are also a series of new modules available to unlock
  • Temporal Rebellion – New 10-player co-op boss mode with Exofighters taking on the game’s final battle with an increased level of challenge, starting Friday, April 26
  • Timed campaigns: allow you to unlock the skins of the Rabbit Campaign, from Friday 19 April to Wednesday 1 May, and an accessory celebrating the Capcom anniversary between Monday 10 and Tuesday 25 June with the Foundation Campaign. The first Double ESP Campaign of Season 4 will run from Friday, April 19th to Tuesday, April 23rd

Today’s update also features a number of gameplay and balance changes, including changes to some Exo-Armors, Dominators, endgame priority settings, collaboration mission requirements, commendations on the results screen, and more.

Previously, we had seen the Season 3 collaboration with Monster Hunter .