Elden Ring Director Explains How FromSoftware Releases AAA Games at Such a High Frequency

While die-hard FromSoftware fans might be going crazy waiting for news of Elden Ring or Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, the studio is actually churning out AAA games at an incredible rate. Creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki says the key to success is a well-run studio filled with developers who are excellent at their jobs and in the best conditions to realize their potential.

In an interview , Miyazaki says:

I don’t know if there’s a big secret to it, but overall we’ve just been blessed with a wonderful staff that loves making these games and is, I think, effective at developing games. We can quickly figure out exactly what we want to do and make those decisions early on. We can iterate and change quickly. We are able to both promote ideas and abandon them at a rapid pace. We can change quickly and decide quickly what kind of game we want to make.

FromSoftware’s approach to employees becomes even clearer in another recent interview with Miyazaki, where he was asked about the wave of layoffs sweeping the gaming industry.

Given the current challenges in the gaming industry, I believe now is the time for us to continue to grow, develop talent, and produce games for as long as possible.

Obviously, retaining experienced developers can help FromSoftware maintain the highest quality of releases, especially for a lineup like Soulsborne games. I wonder what the team will surprise with their next release?