EA’s Star Wars strategy game is being built on Unreal Engine 5

According to job vacancies on the Bit Reactor studio website, the Star Wars strategy game is being created in Unreal Engine 5.

The Bit Reactor team is actively looking for new talent, as noted on their official website, with openings for Senior Lighting Artist, Lead Level Designer, and Lead Producer. Details in these job openings provide insight into plans for a new strategy game in the Star Wars universe.

Three key points are clear from the vacancies:

  • Star Wars strategy game will run on Unreal Engine 5
  • Experience working on console games is required, so you can expect a release on Xbox Series X and PS5, in addition to PC.
  • The developers intend to make a “revolution” in the strategy genre through the prism of the Star Wars universe.

The job description for Senior Visual Effects Artist states:

Developing in Unreal Engine 5, we’re going to tell amazing Star Wars stories backed by stunning graphics.

The Bit Reactor team has more experience in the 4X and turn-based strategy genres, and includes veterans of XCOM and Civilization. In this regard, we can assume that the new game will be closer to these titles, and not to the classic RTS Empire at War and Galactic Battlegrounds.

The game was announced back in early 2022, but details have been scarce since then. Following recent layoffs at EA, there has been speculation about its cancellation. However, Bit Reactor quickly allayed these concerns, assuring that the team continues to work.