While the community has fun creating absurd characters with the Dragon’s Dogma 2 editor , the team led by Hideaki Istuno unleashes the fury of the Trickster and the Mystic Spearhand in the new gameplay videos on the Advanced Classes of Capcom’s highly anticipated open-world role-playing action .

As with the Archer Wizard of Dragon’s Dogma 2 , the Trickster and the Mystical Lance will also be two exclusive Arisen Vocations, i.e. classes that can only be unlocked for the main character and not for his Pawns.

The first film given to us by Capcom describes the Trickster as a master of illusions and stealth, a true ‘licensed trickster’ who will exploit the unique weapon of the Censer to his advantage to disorientate his opponents with illusions that lead them to turn attacks on their allies. Again through the Censer and its many evocations it is possible to temporarily increase the power of the Pawns beyond their limit.

However, the gaming experience to be had by playing the Mystical Spear is very different, a special and exclusive Vocation for the Arisen which will give users the opportunity to combine the speed of melee attacks with the spear with the most advanced techniques of sorcery and of arcane magic . The range of attacks to bring to the opponent while wearing the role of the Mystic Spearhand ranges from paralyzing blows to special moves that allow the player to hurl a whole series of objects at enemies.

Those who want to delve further into the attack techniques, special moves and defensive strategies of the Mystic Spear and the Trickster will be able to do so starting from March 22nd , just in time for the launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series |S. While we’re at it, we invite you to stay on these pages to read our latest special on Dragon’s Dogma 2 against boredom, a fantasy but realistic world .