Dragon Ball: Marion cosplay by pamdroid18 is simple but very effective

We’re back to talking about Dragon Ball on our pages thanks to the Marion cosplay created by cosplayer pamdroid18.

Dragon Ball is an extraordinary work that has been and still is capable of enchanting multiple generations and is still fascinating almost 40 years after the debut of Akira Toriyama’s manga. Let’s see a new Marion cosplay created by pamdroid18 .

Marion, or even Maron in some countries, is a character who appears exclusively in the filler episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime, but despite this she has earned the sympathies of many fans of the work. Krillin’s ex-girlfriend, she presents herself as a beautiful girl with long blue hair and blue eyes, traits also in common with Bulma, but unlike this character she has a very frivolous and absent-minded character, which is one of the reasons why her story with Krillin had no future.

A cosplay in transformation

Pamdroid18 offers us a cosplay in transformation in the video below, wearing all the pieces necessary to transform into a perfect Marion. In reality there are only two in this case, a turquoise wig and the iconic yellow swimsuit, but the result in its simplicity is undoubtedly successful.

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