Diablo 4’s upcoming loot overhaul is so big that Blizzard will allow it to be tested in advance

During the latest livestream, Blizzard announced that the next season of Diablo 4 “goes beyond” the massive changes the game received in Season 2. And for the first time, you’ll be able to try out all the new features before the season starts thanks to the public test server (PTR) in just a few weeks.

Since the release of the first season, players have been begging Blizzard to provide a PTR for the new seasons of Diablo 4, as was the case in Diablo 3 and is happening in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Last month’s troubled launch of Season 3 was a major example of how bad things can get when Blizzard’s internal testing fails to meet player expectations. Progress-blocking bugs and a frustrating seasonal pet aren’t exactly how anyone wants to start a new season, and Blizzard acknowledges that.

However, not every season will receive a PTR:

It depends on the scale of the changes we make, but for Season 4 we are definitely planning a PTR.

The PTR launch date and what to expect in Season 4 will be announced on air “in a few weeks.”

Details about the upcoming season are still scarce, but Blizzard has promised fundamental changes to the loot system. Now items are either worth saving or disassembled into resources for crafting. Players have to practice quickly scanning all the stats of each item, which can take longer than completing a dungeon.

As explained in previous broadcasts, the goal of Season 4 is to make items valuable regardless of whether it’s an upgrade for you or not. Judging by other action RPGs that do this well like Last Epoch and Path of Exile, you can assume that this will be some kind of crafting solution to improve the things you need.

Today’s broadcast also hinted at significant changes to the necromancer in the new season. Season 3’s Spider showed how fun a companion can be if it scales in power with your character, unlike the current Necromancer skeletons.

The stream also featured Gauntlet, a new weekly dungeon with leaderboards to add variety to the endgame. It will appear along with the balance patch on Tuesday next week.