Diablo 4, Season 4: Renewed Loot is available today: here is the trailer

Diablo 4 Season 4: Renewed Loot is available today: here is the trailer

Season 4: Diablo 4 Renewed Loot is available starting today, as confirmed by the spectacular launch trailer published by Blizzard.

Diablo 4 today sees the arrival of Season 4: Renewed Loot , as confirmed by the trailer published for the occasion by Blizzard. As the title suggests, we are faced with a season entirely focused on loot, with many new features.

A few weeks after its successful debut on Xbox Game Pass, Diablo 4 introduces with Season 4 a new loot system that modifies acquisition, functioning and progression in relation to the resources obtained during the game. Specifically, the affixes change with the arrival of the superior ones, while the recycling of legendary items allows you to extract the legendary aspects.

As for the contents, the Infernal Tide has been renewed with the introduction of the Threat levels, obtainable by killing monsters and opening Tortured Gifts, with the third level which allows you to obtain the Infernal Mark and further mechanisms to enrich the experience, such as the Ritual and the elixir of the Profane Mental Cage.

The Artificer’s Pit and beyond

The developers of Diablo 4 have included further endgame content in Season 4, The Artificer’s Pit : once we reach world level IV, a mission will lead us to complete a nightmare expedition of level 46, and by passing it we will be able to obtain rune fragments by to complete some endgame activities.

Thanks to these fragments we will be able to access the Pit, where our objective will be to eliminate as many monsters as possible within ten minutes in order to summon a final boss, but with each death progressively reducing the time.

In Season 4 we will finally see the arrival of Andariel, the Lady of Anguish who we can summon east of Tarsarak, in the Hall of the Hanged Man, and of the Iron Wolves, the band of noble mercenaries who protect the people of Sanctuary.