Diablo 4 player shares useful gem combos for Seneschal

One of the Diablo 4 players under the nickname Failroth published on Reddit a list of useful combinations of control and tuning stones for the new companion of the Seneschal. This robot assistant was added to the game with the start of the third season – Season of the Construct.

The seneschal evolves according to the player’s character’s progress. His attacks and bonuses are determined by two control stones and up to six attunement stones. As a result, you get quite a large number of options, so not everyone understands the nuances.

Failroth divided the combinations into 4 categories . The first is based on the “Storm” stone, which deals electrical damage. The pair Storm + Eternal is especially useful, where the latter is a unique stone from the Season 3 finale.

The second category increases pure damage, although not by much. Such combos are good as an addition to Tempest. Section number three is intended for support – increasing barriers, stunning enemies, etc.

Diablo 4 player shares useful gem combos for Seneschal

Universal options for endgame are also given. Well, separate notes explain the role of some key tuning stones. The recommendations should help players understand the nuances of the new mechanics of the add-on to Diablo 4.

See all suggested combos here .

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