As you may have also noticed from the presence of our Dark Souls Archthrones test , the gigantic free mod for Dark Souls 3 is available in demo version and can be downloaded by anyone who owns the game on Steam. Let’s find out how to install it.

Download Dark Souls 3

The first step towards installing Dark Souls Archthrones is a clean installation of the third chapter. If you already have Dark Souls 3 installed on your PC, uninstall everything and download it again. It should be noted that the mod does not work if you do not also have the two expansions of the FromSoftware title, namely Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City .

Change the game language

The second step consists in changing the language of Dark Souls 3, since Archthrones only supports the English language and starting the game in Italian would cause problems. Then go to the Steam library, right-click on Dark Souls 3 in the left column and select properties. In the General tab, change the game language to ‘English’ , then close the tab.

Downgrade to version 1.15

Another fundamental step is to downgrade to an old patch, since in 99% of cases Dark Souls Archthrones suffers from crash problems that only occur with the latest version of the FromSoftware title. There are two methods for downgrading: the first, more complex, requires fiddling with the Steam console and the second, much quicker and more accessible, consists of obtaining an executable of update 1.15 . On the site dedicated to Dark Souls speedrunners you will find the executables for each single version: download the one for patch 1.15. Then go to the folder where Dark Souls 3 is installed and rename the original executable (it doesn’t matter how), then copy the one you just downloaded. To avoid problems, disable automatic game updates in your Steam settings.

Install the mod

Now that everything is ready, all that remains is to install Dark Souls Archthrones, which is available on NexusMods . On the download page you will find two different packages, namely Dark Souls Archthrones Demo and Demo Manual Install Files : download them both. The contents of the first archive must be extracted and then inserted into the folder entitled Game in the installation path of Dark Souls 3. The other file, however, must be extracted so that its contents are always copied into Game, but into a new folder which you will have to create it yourself and call ‘archthrones’ (without the quotes).

At this point there is nothing left to do but start Dark Souls 3 via the executable you have on your desktop or via Steam. Upon first launch, you will notice a menu in the top right corner through which to validate all files – this is a very quick process that only appears the first time you run Dark Souls Archthrones. As you will notice by launching the mod, it is a completely revised version of the game, which even changes the home screen.

Unless there are any errors, all you have to do is create a new character and set off on new adventures.