Capcom has revealed that Dino Crisis is one of the most anticipated games among the publisher’s fans

The Dino Crisis series ended in 2003 with an Xbox exclusive. Since then, fans have been calling for a return to the franchise and its more horror-focused roots for over 20 years. And that desire only grew stronger when Capcom re-released several of its classic Resident Evil games. And judging by the publisher’s recent post, this is now one of the company’s most popular games.

Capcom tweeted out a tag cloud from a recent survey that had 200,000 people respond to it. Right at the top, in big bold font, next to Mega Man and even ahead of Resident Evil and Ace Attorney, is Dino Crisis.

This isn’t the first time Capcom has mentioned Dino Crisis since its end. Back in September last year, the company published a post for the second game’s anniversary, which was met with a flood of comments asking for a remake.

Let’s hope Capcom gives the franchise a chance. Moreover, given the popularity of Resident Evil, it is quite possible to predict strong sales.