Bethesda will release a quality of life update for Starfield, promising improvements to photo mode, scanner and more

The new Starfield update won’t be particularly big, but is aimed at improving quality of life, including improvements to the photo mode, scanner, task tracking and more.

In a thread of tweets, Bethesda announced that a patch for Starfield will be released in the Steam beta on March 6th. Full notes will be published next week, but for now you can familiarize yourself with the main aspects, among which the photo mode upgrade, designed to make photos a little more vivid, stands out.

Photo mode will now receive new facial expressions to better match the companions to the “mood of the frame.” And the Vasco robot will also acquire a couple of poses.

The update will also slightly improve the in-game scanner so that you can continue to collect resources and open doors with the scanner on the screen, a small but nice feature. As well as another change, thanks to which selecting an inactive task will make it active.

These are clearly the main points, but Bethesda also hinted at a few character and animation bug fixes.

In December, Bethesda announced a string of updates roughly every six weeks, adding features from “city maps to mod support and new ways to travel.” The largest update was released in January, fixing more than 100 problems and visually improving NPCs and starry landscapes. The new patch is obviously smaller, but fixes that improve usability often prove just as popular.