Apple Rumored to Transfer Vision Pro Teams to Work on Foldable iPhone

Apple Rumored to Transfer Vision Pro Teams to Work on Foldable iPhone

Previously, there were rumors that Apple had suspended work on the foldable iPhone due to concerns about the durability of the display. Now, a new update claims that the tech giant is actively developing this form factor and has even transferred some key members of the Apple Vision Pro team to work on the smartphone.

An insider told Alpha Biz that the company is actively working on releasing a foldable iPhone. This anonymous source also provided a rough release schedule.

As far as I know, a large number of key Vision Pro employees have been transferred to the foldable phone development team. If the situation doesn’t change, Apple will start selling foldable phones in September 2026.

Given that the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro successor is not expected for at least 18 months, employees have plenty of time to work on another device. Previously, there were rumors that the company was working on two foldable iPhone prototypes at once, but there were still concerns about their durability and high price.

Although the latest information claims that Apple has set a goal of 50 million devices shipped, all these plans could be derailed if the company faces serious obstacles during the development phase. On the technical side, the latest versions of flexible displays can squeeze out a long lifespan, but the concern may be with profitability and how to monetize the foldable iPhone.