An insider thinks it’s “unlikely” that Obsidian will be allowed to develop a new Fallout game

An insider thinks it's "unlikely" that Obsidian will be allowed to develop a new Fallout game

It’s unlikely that Obsidian will develop the next Fallout, as the studio is already focused on its own RPGs such as The Outer Worlds and Avowed.

This was stated by Startmenu editor-in-chief Lex Luddy on the Giant Bomb podcast . He confirmed podcast host Jeff Grubb’s claims that there had been “discussions” about getting Obsidian to make another Fallout game. However, she adds that the studio was reluctant to do so because it now wants to “move away” from larger-scale projects.

I can say that the discussion that [Grubb] mentioned years ago about Obsidian being approached about Fallout: New Vegas 2 did happen. I also know that it wasn’t just Bethesda saying, “We don’t want anyone else making this game.” This was partly due to the fact that Obsidian said that a game of this scale would be too big.

Right now, Fallout is not in development […] It’s unlikely that Obsidian will be creating the next Fallout.

Publicly, Obsidian has occasionally expressed interest in returning to the series. In 2023, studio head Fergus Urquhart stated that he would “love to do another Fallout” before retiring, but confirmed that there were no plans at the time. He also said that the team is already “busy with Avowed, Grounded and Outer Worlds 2,” which hasn’t changed since then.

However, it’s no secret that the community would love to see another Fallout game from Obsidian. Fallout: New Vegas is often cited as a fan favorite game, and as we’ve seen since the series’ release, it still has a huge fan and player base.

But even if Obsidian doesn’t manage to take over the new Fallout game, it’s likely someone else will. Xbox is reportedly looking for ways to release a new Fallout game “sooner rather than later ,” which conflicts with Bethesda’s plan to take on Fallout 5 after the release of The Elder Scrolls 6. However, Todd Howard said there are “talks” about bringing another into the series team, so Bethesda understands that before the release of Fallout 5 it can offer a spin-off, in the style of New Vegas.