A World of Warcraft player has collected a monstrous amount of mounts – 900 pieces

World of Warcraft player krin132 recently shared on the game’s subreddit his impressive achievement of collecting 900 mounts. A serious feat, since it includes almost all mounts – as of today there are 906 of them, not counting the deleted ones and those that cannot be obtained.

In a Reddit thread, krin132 said that he has been working on his collection since the Warlords of Draenor expansion, with the number of mounts in the game having increased significantly over the last four expansions. Many players in the comments expressed their amazement at the dedication required to amass such a vast collection, with some noting that they struggle to achieve even a portion of this collection.

When asked about the time invested in this endeavor, krin132 simply replied:

I’d rather not know.

While some players argue that the increase in the number of mounts has diminished their uniqueness, others believe that the joy of collecting remains unchanged.

krin132’s 900th mount, Gold Bug, was a mixed achievement. The gamer had to part with a significant part of his in-game gold, approximately 1.2 million, to buy this mount.

The Reddit thread has also sparked discussions about the most effective ways to collect mounts, with seasoned collectors offering tips and resources for those just starting out. Some players have even expressed a desire for Blizzard to introduce a special reward for reaching certain collection milestones.