A Skyrim player set a record for leveling up a character without mods – he reached level 1337 by farming Illusion spells for 43 hours

Even ten years later, Skyrim players continue to put Bethesda’s iconic RPG to the test. The latest ridiculous achievement was made by Pawelos4 – according to him, he reached level 1337. And as proof, he shared an 11-hour time-lapse video of the pumping.

Pawelos has a rich past in Skyrim – a few years ago he shared a 100% complete save, which took 527 hours of game time. (By the way, his level 1337 character is also available for download on Nexusmods ). And in total, he spent 1,800 hours in the game – his Steam profile confirms, with time divided between the original version and the Special Edition.

All of his skills were not only increased to a maximum of 100 points, but also received the status of “Legendary”. According to him, all quests that can be completed have been completed, not counting those with mutually exclusive rewards and developments. All spells, equipment, rare items and even consumables have been purchased. And all this, according to him, was done without a single mod.

The most striking moment is level 1337. Pawelos was not satisfied with 1000 or even 1111. To achieve this goal, he farmed the Illusion skill for 43 hours and 7 minutes, resetting it and restoring it again.

The method itself is quite simple. With the help of several accessories, Pawelos reduced the mana cost of Illusion spells to zero, allowing them to be spammed without limit. The Harmony spell doesn’t have much effect on the targets, so he could cast them endlessly in the heart of Whiterun from 9 to 5 o’clock, when the city is filled with NPCs, without fear of conflicts.

Finally, with a ton of improvements on his character, Pawelos says he only needed a few spells to get Illusion to level 100 after resetting. In the video, he explains that from experience it was slower than spamming Psychokinesis, but it risked ruining the game after level 300. So, an endless cycle began, and the citizens of Whiterun suffered through Harmony.

For entertainment, the player turned on YouTube or a TV series on his laptop. In addition, the gamer took breaks – in total there were about 80 gaming sessions.

The obvious question is why was this necessary? And also “is this true?” Such records are not easy to verify beyond doubt, especially since after seeing posts on YouTube and NexusMods, many pointed out inconsistencies in quests and levels. However, 11 hours of accelerated recording quite convincingly demonstrate the pumping process, especially taking into account the statistics on Steam.

And what did Pawelos achieve after all this? For example, now his character has enough health to survive a fall from a great height:

perks of being level 1337
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