A Pokémon fan has created a working copy of the anime’s Pokédex.

When the Pokemon anime series came out in the 90s, almost every child dreamed of a Pokedex – the famous red gadget that recognizes creatures. Nearly three decades later, YouTuber Abe’s Projects used ChatGPT to create a real-life working Pokédex much like the original.

Abe Haskins was previously an engineer at Google, and after being fired he began posting videos about his projects on YouTube. Recently, a YouTuber posted a video about an attempt to create a Pokédex.

According to the craftsman, the idea came from cool gadgets from anime, cartoons and science fiction. One of the memorable ones was the Pokédex – “it was so fascinating, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

The YouTuber set three goals: to make the gadget look like the original, to recognize Pokemon in most situations, and to imitate the robotic voice from the show. To implement it, Abe’s Projects 3D printed a red case and placed the necessary components there: a camera, a speaker, a battery. Recognition is based on ChatGPT-4 and the Pokemon database. And to imitate the voice of the Pokédex voice actor, the YouTuber used the PlayHT speech generation tool.

Despite numerous difficulties, the final result impressed both the creator and Pokemon fans. The device does not always recognize toys, but it recognizes figurines and images of monsters well.

According to Haskins, it was one of the most difficult projects of all time, but it was completely worth it. Many viewers praised the YouTuber’s efforts and asked in the comments whether he plans to sell such models. Unfortunately for fans, the answer is no.