A group of Diablo 4 players came up with a sorcerer build that can clear dungeons in less than 2 minutes

Ahead of the Diablo 4 leaderboard update, players are wondering which builds will show the fastest completion speed. It seems that a group of experts has already found the answer – a build for a sorcerer (of course) who teleports through dungeons so quickly that it can hardly be called a game.

Diablo 4 streamer Rob2628, along with sorcerer specialists Arccueid and Mekuna, came up with a build that almost plays for itself. They called it Arc Lash Sorcerer, but this name hides the real engine – the Teleportation spell, which allows you to move past enemies with lightning speed, launch waves of spells across rooms and do the same a moment later thanks to the cooldown being reset.

Under the hood are Flickerstep boots, which reduce the cooldown of a powerful ultimate with each teleportation. This Unstable Elements skill releases waves of random spells that destroy enemies in your path. Any attack reduces the cooldown of Teleportation, and each Teleportation, in turn, resets Unstable Elements. You only need to lightly attack enemies during the rare cooldown moments of your ult. The rest of the time, an endless loop runs, interrupted only if the enemies die before you can jump past them.

Mekuna demonstrated a build that cleared a difficult dungeon in less than two minutes. There are so many teleportations that it feels more like flipping through Diablo 4 art than playing through the game.

Speed ​​will be a key element in Gauntlet’s upcoming weekly fixed dungeons, and this build will likely compete with Barbarians for the top spot. The only thing that can hold him back is to pick up falling objects to increase his score. Blizzard has said that Gauntlet is about not only running fast, but also scoring points, so players will have to build a balanced route each week.

Blizzard plans to announce a release date for Gauntlet next week.