7 most interesting city planning simulators of 2024

Hello Everyone welcome to my blog in this we are going to explain 7 most interesting city planning simulators of 2024. Get the blueprints ready, fire up the bulldozer, and memorize the zoning rules: It’s a new year, and 2024 is going to be full of impressive city-building simulators. There’s something for everyone here: whether you’re a fan of survival, strategy, or cozy, relaxing simulations, or want to build on land, in the air, or even at the bottom of the sea.

7 most interesting city planning simulators of 2024

2023 already included a good selection of city-building sims, but 2024 promises to be a real renaissance. Here is a list of 7 especially titles that are definitely worth paying attention to.

7 most interesting city planning simulators of 2024:

1) Nova Roma

Developer: Lion Shield
Release Date: 2024 (exact date unknown)
Steam Page

The Nova Roma is immediately appealing with its clean styling and bright color scheme, and it looks like a lot of fun. There is a big emphasis on water supply: you will build dams, reservoirs and aqueducts to supply farms and townspeople. Just try not to flood the entire city, greatly angering the gods, otherwise they will destroy your dam with lightning.

2)Laysara Summit Kingdom

Developer: Quite OK Games
Release Date: Early 2024 (Early Access)
Steam Page

In Laysara: Summit Kingdom, you build a city on the side of a mountain. The complex terrain creates a real logistical conundrum in moving resources between different parts of the slopes to where they are needed most, while also dealing with natural disasters like avalanches that could bury the city. There’s a demo available to try on Steam .

3)Manor Lords:

Developer: Slavic Magic
Release Date: April 26, 2024 (Early Access)
Steam Page

Manor Lords is one of the most anticipated games on Steam, ranking second on the list. Control a medieval village, defending yourself in real time from other conquerors in tactical battles. The release was planned last year, but the date has moved to April 26, when the game will go into early access.

4)Airborne Empire

Developer: The Wandering Band LLC
Release date: 2024 (exact date unknown, early access)
Steam page

According to the developers, Airborne Empire is not just a city builder, but an “open world city builder RPG.” Create a huge flying city, fight flotillas of air pirates, complete tasks for civilizations on earth and explore the beautiful world.

5)Frostpunk 2

Developer: 11 bit studios
Release date: 2024 (exact date unknown)
Steam page

After the original game’s campaign, Frostpunk 2 jumps forward several decades. The world is still covered in ice, but humanity has discovered a useful new resource: oil. Unfortunately, this leads civilization to another brink that sounds familiar.

6)Metropolis 1998

Developer: Yesbox Studios
Release date: 2024 (exact date unknown)
Steam page

There’s really no indication that Metropolis 1998 will be released in 2024, but the latest demo left a deep impression and attracted a ton of new fans. You don’t just select zones and watch the buildings appear, you can design, build and decorate them yourself. Everything from homes to restaurants, schools or fire stations. Free demo on Steam and Itch.io.


Developer: Overseer Games
Release date: 2024 (exact date unknown)
Steam page

In Kaiserpunk, you don’t just build a city in isolation, but use it to support your grand strategy efforts. Monitor citizen morale and supply chains while waging diplomatic battles in a world engulfed in endless all-out war.

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