60 FPS and low image quality: Digital Foundry’s first look at Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Digital Foundry specialist Oliver McKenzie presented a preview of the technical analysis of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5. A full analysis will be released closer to the release, since due to the embargo the expert was only able to test the starting levels of the remake.

Despite the limitations, McKenzie was able to provide first impressions and analysis of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth before and after the patch. The update was intended to improve the picture quality in the “Performance” mode, but it didn’t do much.

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth uses a different image post-processing method than Final Fantasy VII Remake and the PS5 enhanced Intergrade, resulting in soft images – especially in Performance mode.
  • Graphics mode offers native 4K at 30 FPS – performance is stable, but in some cutscenes the frame rate may drop by 1 FPS
  • The “Performance” mode operates at ≈1152p and 60 FPS – the image quality is very low, as if the game is running at 480-720p; all because of the new upscaling method – the picture looks “soapy” and pixelated at the edges of objects
  • The DF expert believes that changing the upscaling to the same FSR 2 can solve the problem of the “soapy” picture – whether Square Enix will deal with the issue is an open question
  • The differences in modes lie only in resolution and frame rate
  • The frame rate in high FPS mode is stable, but sometimes there are dips up to 55 FPS
  • McKenzie notes that 60 FPS in the open world on Unreal Engine 4 is a great achievement
  • A DF expert said that in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth the quality of assets is uneven, especially in the open world – next to a very detailed texture you can find a “soap” stone; loading of objects (pop-in) is also encountered
  • There are problems with shadows and lighting – these shortcomings were encountered in Remake, but they were not corrected here
  • Highly detailed characters both in the game itself and in cutscenes
  • McKenzie notes that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a beautiful game that does not use a number of modern technologies and does not resemble a current generation title.

Superior to the first part in everything – Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth score

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will release on February 29th only on PS5. A demo version with an episode in Nibelheim and a location in the vicinity of Junon is available on the PS Store.