After years of questionable film adaptations, the small screen has proven to be the perfect size for stories inspired by video games. In the space of a few years, very high-level TV series have been released, which deserve to be seen both by fans and by those who have never played the original titles.

Here are five television series inspired by video games that you really shouldn’t miss

Arcane League of Legends

A masterpiece without mincing words . We couldn’t define Arcane in any other way: League of Legends , an animated series set in the same narrative universe as the popular League of Legends MOBA.It lacks nothing: it is a joy to behold , it has charismatic characters, it is compelling and never loses pace in any of the nine episodes that make up the first and so far only season, available on Netflix. Watch it without delay even if you’ve never played League of Legends , since it works perfectly as a stand-alone experience. If, however, you know the MOBA like the back of your hand, you will be thrilled to discover the countless references to the game’s lore.

The Last of Us

Adapting a story like that of The Last of Us , which immediately settled in the collective imagination as a true classic, was not an easy undertaking. The predictions were not even in favor of the production, given the numerous, premature and unfair criticisms that arose during filming, when the first images with the actors were shown.With HBO producing and two aces like Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann at the helm of the project (with the latter, creator of the original, heavily involved in the writing), it must be admitted that it was really difficult to go wrong. The result is a monumental television series , with actors who are partially perfect despite the irrelevant physical differences with their digital counterparts, and an always on-point writing that follows the events of the video game, managing with courage and skill to expand and enrich the original story . You can watch the nine-episode first season, which adapts the entire plot of the first The Last of Us, on Sky and NowTV.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Cyberpunk 2077, despite the richness of its narrative component, has always given the impression of having only scratched the surface of a sci-fi universe with many stories to tell and themes to address, and Cyberpunk Edgerunners is there to prove it.Differing completely from the plot narrated in the CD Projekt RED game, Studio Trigger’s anime tells a story with strong and courageous themes , which reflects on human nature, the need for enhancements and the role of mega-corporations in the balance of the world. The charismatic characters and an anthology ending make it a must watch for all video game and anime fans. You can see the ten episodes of the series on Netflix.

The Cuphead Show

Cuphead has captured a large audience of gamers with its irresistible 1920s cartoon style, so it was only a matter of time before the game made its way to the small screen with its own animated series.The Cuphead Show fully captures the spirit of the video game by making its characters live unforgettable and exciting adventures, capable of cradling both the heart and the sight thanks to good writing and an enviable technical caliber . You can watch it on Netflix, where 3 seasons are available for a total of 36 episodes. The latter, characterized by a limited duration and self-contained stories linked by a horizontal plot, lend themselves to viewing in bits and pieces, providing a sea of ​​goodies to fans and making even spectators unaware of the video game feel satisfied.


We could have concluded by being on the safe side by mentioning another high-level animated series like Castlevania, but we chose to “risk” by mentioning the name of the live action Halo television series , which is causing so much discussion among fans and non-fans alike.Available on Paramount+, where all nine episodes of the first season and eight of the second are available, the Halo TV series takes a lot of liberties by subverting some key points of the video game, starting with the choice to show the face of Master Chief. If approached with the awareness that it does not represent a faithful adaptation of the series, but rather a reinterpretation of it , it can undoubtedly be interesting and enjoyable. In this sense, the second season certainly proved to be better than the first.

Give it a chance and if you really don’t like this advice, act as if instead of Halo there were the beautiful animated series Castlevania, four seasons of which are available on Netflix.