There are still a few weeks left until the debut of Stellar Blade , the long-awaited third-person action game that is causing a lot of talk due to the beauty of the young protagonist. While waiting to be able to fight enemies as Eve on PlayStation 5, we offer you five similar games that you could pick up to while away the wait.

Devil May Cry 5

When we talk about stylish action, we can’t help but mention Devil May Cry. The Capcom series is unmissable for anyone who appreciates the genre and wants to try an adventure made of crazy weapons, spectacular combos and iconic characters such as Dante and Vergil . Also thanks to the now dated technical sector, not everyone might appreciate the old chapters of the series, so we suggest you give Devil May Cry 5

a chance , the fifth episode which sees the presence of three playable characters (four, if we consider the version complete with the DLC with Vergil), each characterized by its weapons and a completely different gameplay style.


Another stylish action that should absolutely be tried is Bayonetta. It is a series made up of three chapters in which the protagonist is the beautiful witch of Umbra who gives her name to the game and who, just like the good Dante in the Capcom brand, can alternate the use of firearms and melee tools body to engage in choreographic combinations of attacks that even involve the use of magic.

If you have Nintendo Switch, we can only suggest you play the entire trilogy in one go, otherwise you will have to settle for completing the first chapter (the only one available on all platforms).

Ninja Gaiden

Maybe it’s not the stylish action game suitable for those who are approaching the genre for the first time, but Ninja Gaiden (obviously we’re referring to the first two 3D chapters) should absolutely be played by any fan of action games.

Characterized by a very high difficulty , the Team Ninja series requires lightning-fast reflexes and a certain skill in creating combos, through which Ryu Hayabusa can slice up his opponents with the help of scythes, claws, katanas and other elements of his rich arsenal. Anyone interested in recovering the series can do so thanks to the recent Master Collection, which includes the Sigma version of the first two episodes and Razor’s Edge (the least successful of the trilogy) and is part of the Xbox Game Pass catalogue. To learn more, here is the review of Ninja Gaiden Master Collection .


Anyone who is an avid player of stylish action will almost certainly have played all the series mentioned above, but may not know Soulstice, an all-Italian product. It is in fact an action game signed Forge Reply which is often associated with Berserk due to some points of contact between the style of the game and that of the masterpiece of the late Kentaro Miura.

The title has the sisters Briar and Lute as protagonists: one of her controls herself directly since she has a physical form, the other is instead a spirit with mystical powers who is linked to her sister and actively contributes to eliminating enemies in fights . If you haven’t played it yet, know that Soulstice is also included in the catalog of games for PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium subscribers, also in the PS5 version. To find out more, please refer to our review of Soulstice .

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

If you love spectacular action, then you absolutely need to catch up on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the spin-off of the series created by Hideo Kojima in which the protagonist is Raiden . The game, which takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots , allows players to take up the cyborg ninja’s katana to literally tear anything to pieces.

In addition to being an action game based on noteworthy combos, the game boasts a system through which both enemies and elements of the scenario can be torn to pieces: the physics engine takes into account the impact of the blade on the object and destroys in a credible way. In short, one more reason to try it.